As more and more Maryland companies are turning to inbound marketing strategies these days to get their messages across online, YouTube and video marketing have become increasingly more important for supplying the demand for information. As a Maryland business owner or start-up entrepreneur, you may have been strongly considering the idea of producing a video or launching a video campaign via Youtube, to promote your company’s branding message. The problem? Big media production agencies are asking for way too much than your budget allows right now… so you put it on the back burner.

Youtube/Video marketing is not only helpful for branding, marketing, and business growth but its essential for reaching an audience that has a short attention span or not a lot of patience! We believe that video is essential to every website project in this digital marketing age. Good textual content is necessary for a thriving online business but often your visitors don’t have the time or attention span to read. It’s a disappointing fact! That’s where video comes in. A 1-2 minute video can summarize your messages and have a lot of impact on an otherwise flighty audience.

[Why video?] The purpose of this message is to remind the average online business owner that video is important! For web and social media campaigns in 2018, you are missing out if you are not producing video content to your followers regularly. Just look at these statistics on web video marketing volume in this year alone (taken from

If you are still curious as to why you should invest in video production for your own branding and marketing, here is an article highlighting the ways that video help improves SEO. Simply put,

YouTube has over a billion users who watch millions upon millions of hours of video. You can reach them by creating video that they can discover in YouTube search or general Google search results

In a world of busy schedules and short attention spans, professional video for web is the answer to captivating information seekers. Video puts you and your service or product in front of them, and lays the groundwork of trust and familiarity between you and your visiting clients. By broadcasting your knowledge on any particular subject, you establish a role of authority on that particular topic that will bring interested viewers to your business to hire your expertise. At Next Flight, our job is to help you create that quality connection with your Maryland audience and bring more viewers to your website, converting them to actual leads.

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