Solar Visuals Website

Project Details


Paul Hollandsworth, chief engineer of Solar Visuals runs a small operation handling major projects and deadlines. Some of the top solar industry installers in the nation (and Austrailia) depend on Paul's small team to produce dynamic renderings for tight deadlines and presentations riding on big budget proposals. Paul and his family of artists are busy every day producing so he needed a website to use as a quick reference with a gallery at trade shows, solar conventions, as well as his follow-up email marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

We designed a website that was simple to navigate and could be used as an online brochure with a newsletter lead capture for those wanting to follow SolarVisual's work. A newsletter sign-up allows Paul's prospects, enthisuiests and current clients to follow the latest renderings as well as industry updates. We also added bio's for Paul and his daughter Becca. As always, it's a good idea to connect visitors with who they are actually working with by placing a bio page.

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