SCJ Marketing Website

Project Details


Scott Jones approached us for design consultation on after admiring our work on SonderWork's website. Being a seasoned consultant himself in marketing analytics for over the past 20 years, Scott had his ducks in line: Headlines, branding message, page content, blog content, and was working on publishing white papers for download to offer as a lead magnet. He just needed a solid layout for his website.

Our Approach

WordPress and Beaver Builder was the answer to breathe life into Scott's vision for a marketing site that reaches non-profits and healthcare providers in the Washington DC area. We did what we do best: took notes on the overall experience he wanted to design and created a simple layout that guides visitors to a lead magnet by attracted them to download his informative white papers.

The Results

Scott is now diligently pumping new content through the interwebs, sharing his ever-growing knowledge in marketing analytics and blogging about applicable data analysis as it applies to real-world issues like the Opioid Crisis in the United States. His posts are now read comfortably on any size screen thanks to a beautiful new responsive design template.

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