SonderWorks Full Branding

By Josh Grabenstein

Project Details


Elena Lozina, the owner of SonderWorks, started a real estate photography business in 2013 under the name of Myko Productions. Shortly after film school, Elena quickly entered high-demand status with her small base of clients. Over the years her clientele grew and so did her need for more free time, so she needed to expand her company and team. From flying solo to managing a larger operation and serving more clients was a big jump and with new products and services on the horizon, it was time for a new branding approach.

Our Approach

SonderWorks is derived from the word "sonder", coined by John Koenig. This "neologism", or word expressing a thought or feeling for which there is no definitive term, means "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." The production value of every product this company delivers has comes from this very principle: the realization that every client has a busy life, in high demand because they too are meeting high demands. Elena knew she wanted to name her business Sonder and I thought Works went nicely together!

Ryan met with Elena on a regular basis and we soon came up with a great logo that symbolized the "circles" of relationships that orbit our own, and in the shape of a camera shutter. Elena also wanted the branding to show a very particular elegence, from her selective fonts to the pastel tones. We designed a website that had that beautiful brochure look and feel that we relate to luxury design and real estate marketing materials that we find pleasing.

The Results

With the help of Dan's guidance in SEO, the company has reached many real estate brokerages and property managers looking for that special touch in their marketing materials. We've seen steady growth with SonderWorks and continue to work on furthering the message through off-page SEO and PPC promotion.

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