By Josh Grabenstein

Project Details


Charm Cars started with a brilliant and innovative idea in a busy and congested Charm City, Baltimore. Where the emissions of fossil fuels are an ever-growing issue affecting air quality, Charm Cars brings a 100% electric and free alternative to the citizens and visitors of downtown Baltimore during Game Day. They also serve neighboring cities for hire at special events like weddings. The company needed a website to attract the attention of local businesses who would like to hire this service to provide their customers a free ride to the game, as well as those looking to offer event guests a ride to and from venues.

Our Approach

The slogan of Charm Cars is "Get Swept off Your Feet with Charm Cars". We wanted to design a website that advertises just that, for two audiences: local businesses (B2B) for partnership and party planners or event hosts that wanted to include this service and book an upcoming event.

Our branding approach started with their established slogan. The idea of "getting swept" away in the loud, busy city by taking an easy, quiet car is attractive to anyone. We wanted to further commucate the simplicity and joy of the ride itself. From the design of the logo and website to the bold, exciting blue and green colors and rounded corners on the logo and buttons, the message is clear that the cars are aerodynamic and fun!

"Fun and energetic" best describes the experience every passenger has the pleasure of encountering on every ride. I knew a necessary component to drive this message home was through photos and film clips. We scheduled multiple film shoots and captured the laughs and joy that so many (slightly tipsy) Game Day fans and wedding guests expreience in these awesome car rides. The shoots were a lot of fun and the final edits made for a compelling advertising peice on the website!

The Results

Charm Cars has been around for over 6 years now and is ever expanding, serving the tri-state area: Maryland, Virginia and now, Washington DC. Electric cars aren't going anywhere and neither is this great local service! With an easy-to-remember name like, owner Benji Marshall can now make every ride a referral and lead magnet by directing riders to the website to share with their friends. We like to think the site leaves just as bold an impression as the driver's charm-ing personalities!

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