National Propane Buyers Co-OP Branding

By Josh Grabenstein

Project Details


National Propane has faithfully served its customer base for over 25 years and earned the trust of returning customers for just as long. This being the case, most of their sales leads are based on word of mouth.

As of 2016, they had not updated their website in over ten years. They also had never established an official logo. The site was ranking very low in on-page SEO scores as well as gaining zero exposure on Google. With a spammy appearance, it certainly wasn't attracting visitors who might be shopping prices for a trustworthy local distributor. NPBC approached us because they knew it was time for a change.

Our Approach

Our approach to NPBC began with recognizing the need to establish credibility with both local consumers and Google. The number one problem we saw was that they had zero branding. Being a company that had grown a massive customer base over the years from word of mouth and traditional, direct marketing, they had never felt the need for consulting a branding specialist. We knew that establishing a branding message and online marketing plan would help them to reach many more new customers who needed their trustworthy service and low pricing on propane.

After designing and agreeing on a bold and memorable logo that reflected on the American standard they deliver, we began working on the website. We migrated content from the old HTML layout to a new responsive WordPress design.

The Results

NPBC now has a website they can rely on, and their customers can too. The website now offers contact forms for easy communication and support, as well as a platform for funneling sales leads. Customers can also review contractual agreements and sign up for discounted products right there on the website. We are in the process of developing more interactive features to serve their clients even more with self-serving options and online bill payment.

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