New Mark COmmons Community Website

By Josh Grabenstein

Project Details


New Mark Commons was long overdue for a new community website. The 700-acre residential community had been riding a static informational-only site since 2004! Needless to say, the design was not responsive on mobile devices, technology was obsolete, and the website was not serving the residents or visitors well at all. They came to me with a need to overhaul the legacy site and design a new site to serve their loyal residents and educate visitors of their decades of history. The website was to be unveiled at the 50 year aniversary celebration.

Our Approach

This type of project was unique for me, as I am used to working with small businesses. The decision makers consisted of a multi-level admin team of a volunteer committee, which represented the further needs of hundreds of community residents. I knew that the website design had to provide easy access to all members, from the back end administrators to the user-end residents. Since the average demographic of NMC website users are over 50, I needed to design a website that would be both easy to access and minimize confusion. This is where WordPress really shines. By providing a platform for a community website that allows for easy uploads, downloads, logins and most important to this association- user management and document sharing.

The Results

New Mark Commons has been happy with the system since the launch date 2 years ago. Originally, the community had designated a paid staff member to make website updates, although given that development issues will always rise on any website, they have recently decided to invest in the website maintance plan. NMC and Next Flight work together now to continue serving this beautiful Maryland community!

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