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By Josh Grabenstein

Project Details


My uncle John Emelio, Jr. is the owner of Italy Legal Services, a paid service in the United States that connects people from around the world with legal assistance in Italy.

Background Story

In 2008, John's parents (my grandparents) went to Italy for a vacation. While there, my grandfather was struck by a motorcycle while crossing the street and suffered serious injuries. The next day John was on a plane to Italy and when he arrived at the hospital, no one attending to Grandad (John Sr.) spoke English. Surgery was needed and the family was desperate. The US Consulate in Naples gave us the name of a law firm that we could contact for help. The attorney we called came to the hospital right away and took charge of the situation. Having been born in Chicago, he was fluent in English and commanded the respect of everyone with whom he interacted. His friendly, confident manner was of great help to us. He advocated on our family's behalf with the doctors, the insurance company, the family of the motorcycle rider, and the local police. Thanks to the diligence and competence of this attorney, John Sr. received the surgery he needed and arrived home safely. The attorney also negotiated one of the largest personal injury settlements ever awarded by the insurance company.

From that point, John's desire grew to help others in need of legal assistance in Italy to receive the same competent and personal care from this firm that my family received. ILS serves clients in need around the world with a broad range of legal services. Whether you are an individual or a business in need of assistance in Italy with trusts and probate, inheritance, personal injury, real estate, civil litigation, family law, or debt recovery, ILS wants to connect you with premier legal assistance in Italy.

John needed a website that helped connect cases that required legal help fast. Just as our family was in desperate need, a lot of the clients he intakes are also in urgent situations that require immediate help. With just under a dozen incoming leads per day, his business required a responsive website, with easy navigation and keen Google advertising to target and connect the clients seeking assistance.

Our Approach

Dan and I teamed up to build a website that would start gaining traction from both organic Google searches and paid advertising. John had been paying to host a static website since 2010 that served as an informational advertisement, but the company was suffering from a lack of on-page SEO and a solid pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy, which was causing the website to not rank on the top 10 of online searches for legal help in Italy.

Dan and I have been working with John for the past 2 years, updating his website with digital tools to create an attractive and easy to use experience for new clients. A chat-based assistance has served to get the fastest textual response and helps John to translate incoming requests in a foreign language and relay them quickly to the law firm.


The Results

Client Lead Growth Graph

Leads have elevated over the past few years and continue to climb. Of course, much of the continued success of Italy Legal Services' PPC/Google Adwords campaigns are attributed to ongoing data analysis. Pre-qualifying client leads are a big step in weeding out new cases that ILS simply cannot serve. By identifying the type of clients that ILS cannot help due to legal restrictions, liabilities, or conflict of international law, we are able to incorporate this information into the Adwords campaigns to make sure that we limit the incoming requests to only those that ILS can help.

Its important in running any PPC campaign that you narrow your targeted audience, otherwise you are wasting money on irrelevant clicks on your listings! That's why ongoing SEO/SEM tactics coupled with ongoing keyword research is KEY. We are happy to be partnered with ILS to help keep this service running strong and enjoy hearing about the interesting cases they receive from around the world!

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