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Branding Simplified for Maryland Businesses

Branding can be an intimidating subject for a small-medium sized business owner in Maryland. Considering that all parts of your business play a role in branding, it often feels like too big of a topic to think about clearly. As an owner, your time and attention are in high demand. I’m going to share with you a mental framework that can help to make it easier to quickly examine your branding and find ways to improve it, or at least be aware of areas that need improvement.

The biggest key to getting a clear view of your branding is to see it for what it really is: a conversation. Branding is communication- much more than it is an image or a feeling it is a communication. Your logo, color scheme, client testimonials, fonts you use, your headshot, and your website- they all communicate something about your company .  If you approach your branding saying “I want our logo to feel exciting”  or “I’m not sure I like our color scheme” you will never have the kind of success you would have if you thought more along the lines of “what do our clients need and how can we communicate with them about it through our branding?”

The fact is that communication works best the more you keep in mind the person or people you’re talking to. The more you think about them, how you can get your message to them in a way they care about, the better your branding will be.  Throw out, at least for a moment, all of the thoughts about making your logo represent you as a person or your personality or your company culture and think about your clients and what they need.

Let your clients become your framework for branding.  Take the time to get to know more about your clients.  Find out what your past clients value about you and make sure that gets communicated in your future branding.

There is power in branding that considers your client first.  There is also a freedom in it- freedom to stop worrying about whether all your branding might or might not be hitting the mark, freedom to let go of all your own personal preferences that don’t always work with your company, freedom to know you said what your client needed to hear, and freedom to see it as communication instead of some kind of mystical marketing pseudo-science.

If you can remember the two C’s, communication and clients, then you can think clearly about branding. I hope the best for you and your Maryland company and many years of communicating with your clients effectively. If you need help with knowing what your current branding expresses to your clients, we would be happy to talk with you.

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