J A Romo Renovations Branding and Website

Project Details


When Adan approached me for web design services, I quickly learned that he had suffered a classic case of bamboozlement. His last "marketing guy" was none short of a scam artist. I've heard the story all too much more than I'd like. Money put down on a project, project half completed, the client left with basically no final results, no website, and no agent to be reached. He could not even access his .com hosting plan, which had no published website.

Our Approach

We really wanted to capture Adan's idea for his company's branding direction- the one he had originally planned. Since he had been scammed by his last marketing guy, I knew we had to build from the ground up. After meeting for a consultation, I gathered that he was really enthusiastic about the Maryland flag and colors for both his logo and all branding items.

We designed new business cards, a new logo, and website, all incorporating the Maryland colors. Honestly, at first I wasn't thrilled with the old logo, but I think we created branding that not only stands out and is remembered for its exciting color scheme, but will help earn trust between the solid services they offer and new Maryland customers who will recognize the trustworthiness of standard Maryland licensing.

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