Heather Laura Photography Website

Project Details


Heather Laura provides newborn, wedding, dance, and family portrait services in the DC and Maryland suburbs areas. As many local photographers have done naturally, Heather has built a business on customer referral networking, gaining many of her clients through organic "word of mouth". I was pleased to see that she has accumulated tons of genuine, positive reviews on Facebook by happy moms that she has worked with over the years.

When she came to me, she was excited about having me re-design her existing Wix website for a more professional feel, as well as getting up higher on Google search rankings. Likewise, I was excited about helping her out, because I know what it's like to be a busy photographer and quickly become lost on how to get started with internet marketing.

Our Approach

What a lot of professionals don't realize is that unless you're paying heavily for Google Ads, you're not going to get found on organic searches unless you put in the work. That means, getting your domain out there (which is fine by word of mouth too!), blogging, and getting linked back to your site on relevant blogs. For a working photographer, these are the best ways to get recognized by search engines, since people are often inspired by your visual work and wanting to post and re-post on social media and blogs.

That's why it was important to incorporate social media sharing and an attractive blog onto Heather's new website. An online portfolio is very important for showcasing your work, but its not enough to just have one- its important to get shared and seen!


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