Is Your Maryland Business Flying Without a Destination?

Online marketing without an ongoing branding strategy will get you nowhere fast. We're here to set your course towards solid, quantitative results.

Connect your Maryland business to the people who are looking for you.

Internet marketing is fast, competitive, and always evolving. As a business owner, it's a challenge to keep up with the ins and outs of digital marketing. Next Flight Creative is all about raising brand awareness to your targeted audience in Maryland with the right message. We can help you reach your online marketing goals so that you can focus on getting things done.

  • Branding Design and Management

    Does your Maryland business have a digital branding strategy that communicates to those who are seeking your business? Your branding message is most important and much more than just your logo, colors, and fonts. Read more about our approach to online branding.

  • WordPress Websites

    Just about anyone can make a website these days with the website builders. Our clients choose our consultancy because they like our designs and are serious about developing an online business with the digital tools necessary to achieve results. Learn more about what makes any website successful.

  • Digital Marketing and Strategy

    Establishing your branding message is important, but it's not serving anyone unless you put it out there- the right way. Our team has the knowledge and experience to start a strategic, long-term plan to help start bringing website traffic and keep it coming. Read more about getting on top of Google's ranking system.

  • Media and Visual Marketing

    Every video tells a story and every picture tells a thousand words. Google owns Youtube, and Youtube marketing is more essential for your digital branding strategy than ever before. At NFCS, we believe that video content and commercial photography is not just about counts and likes- communicating your message with a friendly smile creates trust between you and your visitors. Read more about the importance of video marketing.

Who we've worked with

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What clients say

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Andrew Blate

CEO | Beautiful Home Services

My home improvement company has hired Next Flight Creative 3 times for digital media projects. The second project was to create video content [and] involved documenting the renovation of a home. The renovation took 3 months and required detailed coordination. They were extremely easy to work with, thorough, thoughtful, and created a series of video that was exactly what we asked for …only better!… I couldn’t more strongly recommend.

EMA Logo

Alex Mohensi

Chief Innovation Officer – Emergency Medicine Associates

Next Flight Creative helped us develop our digital media strategy and produce media content. As a medical practice, we did not have the resources or expertise to do these things ourselves. Next Flight Creative exceeded our expectations with a high level of professionalism, diligence, timeliness, and expertise, and we will definitely use them again.

Rock Paper Books Logo

Patrick Phillips

Co-Founder – Rock Paper Books

I just re-watched the video about 10 times in a row. Just enjoying the new music and really noticing some of the creative decisions you guys made and remembering your comments about “telling the story.” I really love it!

cFocus Logo

Jasson Walker, Jr.

CEO – cFocus Software

Next Flight Creative has been cFocus Software’s go-to choice for all of our video production.  They do a fantastic, professional job for our highly technical speaking engagements.  The video editing they provided was much more than we expected! I can’t recommend them enough!

Want to chat about your project?

Great! We want to learn more about your Maryland business. Click the button to get started and connect with us.

Want to chat about your project?

Great! We want to learn more about your Maryland business. Click the button to get started and connect with us.

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